About Us

Carcentral: Malviya Car Bazar

The story started two decades ago when Grover Motors was launched.
After the launch, Grover Motors purchased Malviya Motors and Malviya Car Bazar came into market.
Earlier the Motors used to Buy and Sell cars which was later on extended to providing service related to cars.
Car central is the website and yet another platform launched by Malviya Car Bazar to provide all the services to the customers and client at their door step.
Malviya Car bazar has an extensive market reach and a great reputation which is built up round these years.
Malviya Car Bazar works solely for its clients and customers and provides them with the best deals and services.

Our Specialty

Satisfy and Buy

At carcentral we take care of all the procedures of car buying. Whether, its registration, price, driven miles, and all the other important details, leave all your pressure because you are at Carcentral. Our staffs are always there to look after you. So the only question we ask "What car and When??"

Everything under one roof

Aren't you tired of buying a car form one place and get your financing done from someplace else. Carcentral provides you financing as well. With the lowest interest rates we will help your dream come true of owning a luxury car. We have all the information regarding automobiles and we love to share that. We bring you latest updates and blogs about the latest machinery.

Car Central presents you with an innovative way to fulfil you car selling and buying needs.

Car For all you car enthusiasts out there and also the ones who are planning to buy their first car, come join us in the revolution that would change the way you buy vehicles. Gone are the days where you had to interact one-sided with website with no actual human interaction that could guide you towards the right product for you.

If only websites had ears…! Well Ours does….

Our dedicated team of experts are online on chat or can be reached out to on a toll free number so that you have a real human to talk to in an instant.

Everyone is unique…. Yeah we know that!

And that is why we never treat 2 customers the same way, our experts tailor a perfect selection of cars jsut for your need so that you can get a personalised showroom like experience just from your home.