The sweaty and hot weather is here. Now it is the time to think about your car’s AC system. Nobody likes driving around in a hot, stuffy car, and a car with an AC system which only works marginally is somehow almost even worse than one which doesn’t work at all. Car Central provides you to go through a few tips which will make your drive a little more comfortable this summer.

Remember a car’s AC system is really a heat exchanger which moves hot air out of your vehicle and then replaces it with cold air. One thing you can do to help improve its efficiency is to leave your windows down an inch or two (if possible) when you park the car, helping to prevent excess heat buildup which in turn leads to suffocation and increased the temperature of the car.

When you start the car and begin to drive off, lower all the windows for the first minute or two to help move hot air out of the car more quickly, giving the AC system a chance to refill the car with cold air faster. And of course, try your best to park your car in the shade if possible. This really helps you a lot to keep the temperature of your car low.

There was a stereotypical thought regarding the AC systems of the car. It was thought that the AC systems drag on your car’s engine and fuel efficiency and one should drive with the windows if possible to increase the gas mileage. This was not an incorrect statement but is not valid now. Modern AC systems are much efficient and cars are more aerodynamic in today’s cars. Driving with the windows down at highway speed actually creates enough aerodynamic turbulence and drag to drop gas mileage.

When you first enter the car and start driving, turn the AC to its highest setting (MAX or REC), with the fan turned all the way up as well. This will help move a greater volume air, cycling hot air out of the car and replacing it with cold air and in turn lowering down the temperature of the car. As soon as you’re comfortable, go ahead and lower the AC settings again to stabilise the temperature. On cars with climate control or automated temperature control, just lower the temperature setting to the lowest mark, then raise it again once you’re comfortable.

Are you noticing a musty or “dirty socks” smell from the AC vents?

Try running the AC system on the Defrost setting for a while, or toggle back and forth between the MAX setting and the NORMAL setting which introduces fresh air. If the smell persists, it could be an indication of a cabin air filter which needs to be changed, or possibly a system which is low on refrigerant. Don’t just put up with that smell -- it means there are bacteria and mildew circulating through the system, which can be a real problem for allergy or asthma sufferers.

Run your AC system once a week or so, even in cooler temperatures. Lubrication is essential to the proper operation of any AC system, and running the AC for a few minutes helps circulate refrigerant and lubricant through the system and keeps the components, valves, lines and seals conditioned.

When a cars AC system isn’t blowing air that’s cold enough, nine out of ten times it’s due to being low on refrigerant. With summer here, you’ve surely got plans for road trips, vacations and other summertime fun. Don’t let a sweltering-hot car get in the way of those plans.

The electric car is a brand new concept and idea for the automotive industry. There are broadly two types of Electric cars. One of them are based entirely on being proactive using electricity. On the other hand the others are commonly known as hybrid vehicle which work off on both electricity and gas. An electric car such as Nissan Leaf, Ford Focus Electric or Tesla Model S, Chevrolet Volt is a great way for you to not only save money, but also help contribute towards a healthy and stable environment.

Cars on a regular basis produce a lot of carbon emissions which are released into our atmosphere. These emissions in turn expose us to various greenhouse gases.

In order to help positively the environment we live in, an electric car is a great step forward. By buying an electric car, you can also receive government subsidies for being environmentally conscious. Although you may end up paying more for your vehicle, the positives greatly overshadow the negatives. However there are still two sides to consider when you’re thinking about investing in an electric vehicle.

Electric vehicle get their energy from the batteries which are rechargeable which are present inside the car. These batteries perform all the functions of the car. These batteries are not only used to power the car but also used for the functioning of lights and wipers.The batteries of Electric cars are of more power than a normal gasoline car.

An electric car is a great way for you, as a consumer, to save a lot of money on gas. Here we provide you with the list of points to make you understand that why you should invest in buying an electric car.

Electric cars are totally eco-friendly as they run on electrically powered engines. It does not emit toxic gases or smoke in the environment as it runs on clean energy source.

Electric cars are entirely charged by the electricity you provide. You do not have to buy gas to run them at all. Driving fuel based cars can burn a hole in your pocket as prices of fuel have gone all time high. Though electricity isn’t free, an electric car is far cheaper to run.

EV’s are growing in popularity. With popularity comes all new types of cars being put on the market that are each unique, providing you with a wealth of choices moving forward.

These cars can be fuelled for very cheap prices. Even government provides various subsidies on your idea of going green with your car. Electric cars can also be a great way to save money in your own life.

Electric cars undergo same fitness and testing procedures test as other fuel powered cars. In case an accident occurs, one can expect airbags to open up and electricity supply to cut from battery. This can prevent you and other passengers in the car from serious injuries.

Electric cars runs on electrically powered engines and hence there is no need to lubricate the engines. You don’t need to send it to service station often as you do a normal gasoline powered car. They comparatively have a low maintenance.

There are always two sides of a coin. Electric cars have the listed advantages and the idea of a green environment cannot be ignored.

After seeing the positive traits of the Electric vehicle we also need to know the short comings of these cars.

Although the evidence of the positives has become very clear, there are also some downsides that each individual needs to consider before they decide to make an electric car their next big investment. These reasons are:

Electric fuelling stations are still in the development stages. Not a lot of places you go to on a daily basis will have electric fuelling stations for your vehicle, meaning that if you’re on a long trip and run out of a charge, you may be stuck where you are.

If you haven’t done your research into the electric car you want to purchase, then you may be making an unwise investment. Sometimes electric cars require a huge charge in order to function properly – which may reflect poorly on your electricity bill each month.

Electric cars are limited by range and speed. Most of these cars have a range of around 50 to 100 miles and need to be recharged again. You just can’t use them for long journeys as of now.

While it takes couple of minutes to fuel your gasoline powered car, an electric car take about 4-6 hours to get fully charged. Therefore, you need dedicated power stations as the time taken to recharge them is quite long.

Most of the electric cars available today are small and two seated only. They are not meant for entire family and a third person can make journey for other two passengers bit uncomfortable.

Depending on the type and usage of battery, batteries of almost all electric cars are required to be changed every 3-10 years.

Electric cars need power to charge up, cities already facing acute power shortage are not suitable for electric cars. The consumption of more power would hamper their daily power needs.

A short tip to give our consumers before they decide and plan to invest in the Electric cars.

The idea to sell second-hand car comes along with a lot of hassles if you think about them. A series of questions goes around one's mind like, ‘Why you want to sell it’, ‘Should you even sell it or not?’, and ‘Whom to sell it to’. These will keep going through your mind until the very last moment. The confusion doesn’t end there too, after selling the car you might be haunted by doubts about the price you got for it, pending paper and legal formalities and so on.

Thus it is always better to keep few important and necessary things in place before we actually head out to sell a second-hand car. Now that you are finally ready about selling your car, here is why we think it is a bad idea to sell a second-hand car to an individual rather than a dealer or to us!.

When you are selling a second-hand car privately to an individual you need to be very careful. There are many fraud people also present who would pay you much less than what the actual price of your car is. This could be worse if the person performs any illegal activity with your car before transferring the ownership and completing the paper work. The private affair of selling a car could be very problematic for you.

One you put your car on sale, you will come across many people. Some of them will be interested but the majority will be the ones who really do not want to buy your car. They just saw the advertisement and were in the window shopping mode.

You will be surprised to see how many non-serious buyers can knock at your door, thus wasting your precious time and energy.

If you sell your car privately, be ready to have multiple visits for RC transfer and other related documentations at government offices. Nowadays nobody has time for all these time and energy consuming tasks.

Here, in India, we have a habit of bargaining and bringing down the cost of the particular entity to a minimum which is satisfactory to us.

So once you list your car for a private sale, be ready to run through a series of negotiations with the customers. The customer at your doorstep will find every means to drop the price. We as the authorized car dealers suggest you to avoid these useless visits and contact dealers to sell your car.

This is going to be the most annoying and irritating thing you would go through if you are selling your car privately. After spending so much time and energy into finally selling your car, it might be excruciatingly painful to regularly follow up with the payment.

By now you would have understood that selling a second-hand car privately is not a good idea. With our thorough industry standard procedures, we will not only get you the best price for your used car but also will bring you only those customers who are verified by us and who are really are in the market for a second-hand car purchase.

As a car owner, one often loves his/her vehicle very much. There is always a story which is saved as a memory about how one bought the car. The humans are very affectionate and get very attached even to the materialistic things we own. We usually think that the particular entity will live with us forever. We are full of emotions and that in turn increase our love for the object we own.

When the time comes to sell the car, it usually becomes very hard to negotiate with the emotions and prices. Generally, when it comes to selling a car, people tend to hide the defects and damages in the car to fetch a better deal with a good price. One should always remember that the hidden facts do not remain hidden for long and usually revealed very shortly leading to poor reputation and image of the seller. The revealed facts might land the seller in trouble. To avoid such situations, Car Central provides you with the list of five things that one should never really hide while selling your car.

Many sellers hide their service history to frame a better but false image of their vehicle to grab a better deal. One should never forget that the dealerships have all the necessary details of the service history of the car. There are times when the seller tries to change and alter the reading of the odometer with the help of a non-authorized dealer. The change in the reading of the odometer of the car hampers the car’s value.

Usually, the car seller does a lot of denting and painting before selling the car to fetch a better price of the vehicle. One should know that the minor painting affects the car’s value. The panel paints, roof paints, minor dents can be detected within a few seconds. One should understand that there is no use of hiding or lying about the quotes of paints and dents already been done on your car.

PRO TIP: The color which is mentioned on the RC of your car should always match with the present color of your car.

One should always keep in mind that the vehicle cannot be sold if there are any pending challans or if there is any FIR filed against the vehicle. If the owner tries to hide the details, they can be easily traced out through the online portal "vahan" which is a website which provides you with all the updated details of the vehicle.

While selling a car, apart from hiding the physical damage one should never hide any issues regarding the documentation of the vehicle. The major documents include the ownership details of the car, damaged or false RCs, any pending documents, etc. One should keep in mind that such things not only put you in trouble but also drags you one step closer to the police and legal hassles.

The car owner should never hide any structural repairs regarding the car to grab a better deal. Structural repairs include all the major damage which the car has suffered. The repairs majorly include the accidental damage of pillar, doors, boot repair, bonnet repair, etc.

The car owner should never hide such important details just to fetch a better price. These kind of activities are not at all good for a long run.

It is not always easy to recognise and figure out that whether your vehicle is suffering from engine damage or not. Usually these symptoms can be overlooked and seen treated as normal. These symptoms are usually ignored by the owner. One should know that not all sounds and smell are threatening for your engine's life. There are some obvious warning signs that require an immediate inspection of your vehicle. The Car Central provides with some of the most necessary engine related information which you can't ignore.

If the engine damage is diagnosed early and before anything serious, it is most likely to be treated, but it is really important to be aware of the damaging symptoms and have the vehicle inspected if something doesn’t seem right. If you act quickly and make the necessary repairs as soon as possible, you could be saving yourself from the cost and hassle of breaking down along the road.

One of the signs of engine trouble is an illuminated check engine light. The light indicates that a vehicle system, such as the ignition, fuel injection or emission control, is not working properly, even if the vehicle appears to be running normally. If you ignore the check engine light it can negatively impact your fuel economy or cause damage resulting in more costly repairs and inconvenience.

Usually we are familiar with the noises our vehicles make on a daily basis. However, any noise that is new, different or suspicious may indicate a problem. Such sounds include, a high-pitched squeal, grinding or thumping. Sounds under the hood, such as hissing, can also indicate that your vehicle is in need of attention and a check has to be done immediately.

Although all cars burn fossil fuels that create undesired emissions, these odours should remain outside of the car. Unusual smells that could signal engine damage include: burnt rubber, hot oil, gasoline, sweet smell of syrup, burning carpet and rotten eggs. When you smell any peculiar odour, you should not ignore it, rather pay attention to it and schedule a check for your car.

Another symptom of engine damage is excessive amounts of smoke or steam. Although some smoke is normal, excessive amounts of dark smoke in particular indicates that oil is leaking into the combustion chamber and is being burned along with the gasoline.

To help you stay on track with essential auto care tips, stay connected to Car Central.

When you have a car, it is very likely to you to think about traveling on roads and going on long drives and road trips. Taking proactive steps to make sure your vehicle is operating properly will help avoid the hassle and unexpected cost of a breakdown away from home.

The majority of issues the travel group anticipates will cause car problems, such as dead batteries and flat tires, can be prevented with a pre-trip vehicle inspection because you start the trip

A pre-trip vehicle check will give you peace of mind and provide the opportunity to make any necessary repairs before you hit the highway.

Car central recommends taking the following auto care steps before you leave home.

The battery has to be necessarily checked and should be replaced if necessary. One needs to be sure that the electrical system is charging at the correct rate. There should be no overcharging as it can damage a battery as quickly as undercharging can. Excessive heat and overcharging shorten the life of a battery.

Check the tires, including tire pressure and tread. Uneven wear indicates that there is a need for wheel alignment. Tires should also be checked for bulges and bald spots.

One needs to check the HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) system as proper cooling performance is very important and necessary for interior comfort and make the trips and drives comfortable.

Check all fluids, including engine oil, power steering, brake, and transmission as well as windshield washer solvent and antifreeze/coolant.

Check the wipers and lighting so that you can see and be seen at the same moment. Visibility is very important when you are on a long journey via road. Check that all interior and exterior lighting is working properly and replace worn wiper blades so you can see clearly when driving during precipitation and rain.

Check the emergency kit and restock, if necessary. Be sure to fully charge cell phones before leaving home in case of any emergency.

Keep all other important contact numbers saved in your phone as well as in your contact diary which should be carried everywhere during a journey.

The Car Central also recommends inspecting the brake system and performing a tune-up to help the engine deliver the best balance of power and fuel economy.

Have a safe journey and make the best memories.

We work in collaboration with different dealers all around Delhi NCR. This increases our market reach which leads to the extensive reach of the car among different dealers, financers who are interested in buying the car.

All our paper work and documentation are transparent snd genuine. We avoid bringing any other source between our deal in order to avoid any problem to the client. We work for the benefit of clients.

We set the price of the car on the basis of the present condition and perfromance of the car. Usually low mileage cars are given more preference than the other ones because of their longer life and performance. Low mileage care are wuoted with better rates.

We make sure that cars which come under our consideration are properly evaluated and certified to avoid any inconvienence and problem to our client.

Once you deal with us, because of the extensive market reach we already get your car listed among different dealers, customers and clients who are in reach. We ensure that you do not have to wait for the buyer.

We proivde you with an extensive market reach and best prices. We charge you very nominal for providing all these services as a commission. We ensure that our commission charges our least when compared with the market.

Whenever a person thinks to buy a car, there are series of questions which goes around his head. The most simple yet the most frequent question is whether to buy a new car or a used car.

We know nothing beats the feel and drive of a new car but gone are the days when having a car was just a want rather than being a need. The business of used car in the markets of India has gone up significantly in the few years. The buyers now have access to many car services which are designed specifically for used cars. The services, in turn, provide you assurance and make your deal fool proof and stress-free.

Here are 6 reasons why you can consider buying a used car in India.

Used cars come with warranty talking about used cars and their warranty is a statement which is a complete mismatch. Well, now the state is not just a statement it is a reality. The warranty service is also provided by different car outlets which deal in buying and selling of used cars. The warranty is just as sane as one for the new car. However, you should note that this warranty generally comes with a certain limit on the KM’s you travel in that stipulated time period.

Companies and outlets which deal in the buying and selling of used car also provide different post sale service to the used cars. Generally, these cars are certified on the basis of their quality and performance. The quality check is done by the team of professionals in the area. The cars are certified on the basis of their performance. The performance of the car, in turn, suggests the post-sale services provided to the certain which mutually benefit the buyer/seller or the firm. The provision of providing post-sale services to the used cars increase the tendency to deal with used cars in the market. The client now very easily buys used cars without any hesitation.

You can buy a higher model in your budget once you hunt for the best buy and then model which excites you the most, you end up realizing that you are short of money. Buying a used car helps you to buy a better model but in the same amount. Once you know that used cars also include all those services and warranties which you enjoy when you buy a new car, you no longer hesitate to buy a used car. Now we must not forget that the used car to comes with a warranty and a certain level of peace of mind. Wouldn’t you like having all the extra benefits of a higher model including an air-conditioner, mp3/cd player, power windows, good upholstery, alloy wheels and other attractive accessories?

Insurance is cheaper on used cars this works on a simple formula. As we would imagine, the insurance premium on your new car will be much higher than a used car. The value of the used car you buy in India will already have depreciated, which means that you will be paying a lower premium than what you would pay on the new car. Once you know that you get all of the possible services and privileges even on a buy of a used car, you no longer hesitate to buy a used car and avail your option.

Certified cars come with a pre-delivery check by expert engineers there is a big advantage of buying used cars in India from a trusted dealer who works for their clients and customers. This is true because most of the outlets offer certified used cars which come with a pre-delivery check of the car. This means that highly professional expert engineers will do certain technical checks on the car and assure you of the reliability and quality of the used car that you are about to buy.

Once you understand the point of buying a used car and it no longer affects your reputation you do not hesitate in buying a used car.

Planning to buy an old or used car?
Buying it from a dealer or a friend?
How old is the model?
We have some important things which you can't ignore when you buy a used car.

1.Get the papers and the car checked carefully
Get the car checked by the mechanic before you purchase it. This procedure helps you in two ways: if there is any problem either you can get them fixed by the owner or negotiate on the prices. If the problem is big and not solvable you can cancel the deal. This prevents your long term loss and regrets.

Check the insurance papers.You easily get to know that if there is any accident or claims on those.
The best way is to check the no claim bonus (NCB) percentage applied. The higher the NCB, the better.
Check all the Filters ( Air, Fuel, Transmission, Oil ) as they need regular cleaning and oiling. Get them changed if possible.
Check the brakes and the condition of the tires.

2. Transfer the Registration Certificate (RC) under your name
To transfer the RC to your name you need to visit the nearest RTO office and fill up Form 29 and Form 30.
The form has to be signed by both the previous owner of the car and you. If the RTO office is not of the same jurisdiction you live in, the NOC from the same jurisdiction will speed up the process.
After the submission of the form, within 15-18 days you get a receipt and the copy of the name change of RC is received in 40-45 days.
After the transferring of RC, you also need to get the car insurance policy under your name or buy a new one.
You also need to check if there so and preexisting loss on the car. Also get the No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the car finance company.Service book to check the history of service records and the Road tax receipts with the last updated payment.

3. Get insurance under your name
It’s as important to have a valid insurance policy copy in your name as it is to get the registration transferred. If the RC is registered in your name and the policy is still under the previous owner’s, then the insurance policy is of no use and holds no validity.

There can be three possible ways to get the insurance of the car under your name.

* There could be a name change in the previous owner's policy.
If you want to transfer the insurance, the process has to be parallel to the process of the transfer of ownership. Usually, the car sellers and buyers miss the key point and think that the insurance is valid on the previous owner name only. As for the process, you just need to contact the insurance company, an agent of the company or a broker like us who can help you with the process.

*If the owner does not have any previous policy
Once the customer had the RC transferred to his name after the purchase, it is mandatory to apply for a new insurance policy - there are no two ways about it!

* Fresh policy under my name
It is actually the best option to buy a new policy in your own name. It helps you buy the policy from the company of your choice, at a price you are comfortable with.

4. No Claim Bonus to be transferred.
NCB is given to the insured and not the insured vehicle. Hence, on the transfer of the vehicle, the insurance policy can be transferred to the new owner but not the NCB.
So even from the NCB point of view, it is best that you buy a new policy afresh, in your name.

5. Always clean and fix your car before the first drive.
A thorough clean up should be done from the exterior and the interior of the car. If possible, consider steam cleaning and sanitizing your new car.
Life expectancy of a car always depends on how well you maintain it and a regular change of fluids and oils is a must. The best thing to do after buying a second-hand car is to change all the fluids right away before using it.
Fix lights, spark plugs etc. Any sign of rust, water entry through cracks and holes or other wear of the trunk should also be checked and fixed.

These are some of the points which you need to keep in mind before you buy the second-hand car.
All the best for you car and your journey with it.

Car central is an online portal which acts as a bridge between the clients and the different Insurance providing companies. Once your car gets insured under different schemes you automatically become stress free. Insurance helps you to cope up with certain unknown and natural shortcomings which can otherwise cause you a lot of damage.

Car central not only provides insurance to the new and first hand cars but also provides insurance to the used or second hand cars.

Car Insurance protects you from those unwanted personal liabilities which otherwise cause you a lot during an accident. Car insurance is also required for certain legal requirements.

What if you are hit by someone who does not have insurance? If you do not have insurance either, chances are good you will be faced with your own medical payments. You can, of course, sue the other person but what if they are destitute and cannot pay? Your own car insurance will usually help with those payments.

Auto insurance provides you with an all round security to your vehicle and thus helping you remain stress free.

Why Car Central?
We provide you with different and variable payment options to pay your insurance amount. With us your car insurance can be done online using different options like Credit card, Debit card, Net Banking, Electronic Wallets. EMI options are also available.

The insurance provided by Car central covers all the legal liabilities that may arise out of an injury or the death of the third party involved in the happening. Our insurance also covers the property damage caused to third party in case of an accident that involves the vehicle which is under our insurance.

We provide you with different methods to claim your insured money and amount.
We work on the basis of providing our clients with maximum services at their doorstep. As soon as you opt for insuring your car with us, we provide you with the e-policy immediately.

We are always here for your help. Our insurance providing team helps and guides you at every step. We work on the principle of maintaining long term relationships.


While driving a car, a perfect visibility range is very important for the driver keeping in mind the safety aspect in the mind. There are times when drivers neglect this basic feature of having a clean and clear windscreen. Living in the Northern parts make you realize that the mist formation phenomenon is very common. The same holds true for everyone among us up in the mountains and even during monsoons.

So how to do you avoid car mist formation for a safer drive?
But before we start, let us understand that what is the reason behind mist formation?
Car mist builds up because the air inside has more moisture than outside. Thus, as the temperature drops the process of condensation starts. This does not let the air to hold its water vapour any longer which in turn results in the deposition of water vapours on your windows.

The most common mistake people commit to getting rid of the car mist is that we try to wipe it. Never do that, because your breath will cause more mist to form and the cycle will just continue. Winding down of the windows will also be a temporary fix.

One of the best de-mystifying processes is to use your car’s air conditioner. It is not just the best but also the fastest solution for de-fogging your car’s windscreen. You can simply turn it on and guide its outlet towards the windscreen. You can also turn your air-conditioner up high for some time. If you direct it towards the windscreen, it will also help you evaporate the already condensed water on windows. The most common mistake of the drivers is that they press the ‘Demist’ button and suddenly face a rush of cold air from their vents. This should not be done; you should let the demister get enough temperature in it.

The de-mystifying process, with the use of your car’s air conditioning system can be most beneficial and efficient way out. Here are the steps to demystify your car:

• Turn on the fan first: By turning on the fan first, you will be able to get the heated air from the engine bay to the inside of the car.
• Now turn the AC on: this will help to dry the moisture inside the car, thereby removing the condensation from your windscreens and windows.
• Re-Circulate the air: Once the condensation starts evaporating, you should press the recirculation button on your dashboard. This will not let any more moist air from the outside to enter your car. The other benefit is being able to manage the temperature inside the car faster .
• Divert the airflow towards the windscreen: doing this will further help you in de-fogging the car mist in the shortest duration. For side windows, you can divert the air from the side vents accordingly.
• Use climate control: In case your car has climate control, there is a button that takes care of everything above. Press it, be happy!
• Manage the temperature: set the temperature inside the car in a way that no more condensation forms while at the same time, the cabin does not become too hot occupants’ comfort.