Certifications & warranties

Car Certification and Warranty

Car Central is an extensive platform which acts as a bridge between the different warranty and certification service provider companies and our customers. Car central aims in providing the clients with best services and help them to exercise all the services in a better and productive way.

We provide you surety to make the sale and purchase of the used car safer and easier. We provide you with the best deals in the market.

Our firm provides the warranty to only those used cars which meet the certification criteria as set by our firm and meets our quality standards. The car should be free of any defect, theft and accident. The car with any one of these issues are not provided with any certification and warranty cannot be exercised on such cars.

The professionally trained technical team of engineers carry out an intensive check on each car and only give certification to the cars which meet the certification criteria. The certification endorses the quality of the used car. The process increases the chances of the car to be sold and purchased in the market.

The certification is only provided to the cars which are accident-free. The cars are termed as accidental when the main structure of the car such as front door pillar, central pillar, rear pillar, floor pan or front cross gets damaged.

Buying the car with warranty provides the customer with satisfaction and an automatic trust gets build up between the product and the customer. In the case of any failure, our professional and dedicated team is always there to help you out. The expenses on repairs and replacement are covered on a mutual basis.

The benefits of the Warranty service provided by our authentic firm are:

  • Warranty is available with certification after intensive testing by our professionals.
  • Better options to make money through warranty sale service.
  • Buying warranty service at the best price in the market.
  • The product is added on all of our portals to provide extended reach.
  • The feedback provided for refurbishment is technical.
  • The stocks uploaded are pre-tested and trustable.
  • We have a great reach in the market which in turn increase the leads for the products and services.
  • The certified cars are converted very fast and easily.
  • There is a great margin earned on the certified cars.
  • The services provided are trustable because we believe in providing comfort to our customers and clients.