Car central is an online portal which acts as a bridge between the clients and the different Insurance providing companies. Once your car gets insured under different schemes you automatically become stress free. Insurance helps you to cope up with certain unknown and natural shortcomings which can otherwise cause you a lot of damage.

Car central not only provides insurance to the new and first hand cars but also provides insurance to the used or second hand cars.

Car Insurance protects you from those unwanted personal liabilities which otherwise cause you a lot during an accident. Car insurance is also required for certain legal requirements.

What if you are hit by someone who does not have insurance? If you do not have insurance either, chances are good you will be faced with your own medical payments. You can, of course, sue the other person but what if they are destitute and cannot pay? Your own car insurance will usually help with those payments.

Auto insurance provides you with an all round security to your vehicle and thus helping you remain stress free.

Why Car Central?


We provide you with different and variable payment options to pay your insurance amount. With us your car insurance can be done online using different options like Credit card, Debit card, Net Banking, Electronic Wallets. EMI options are also available.


The insurance provided by Car central covers all the legal liabilities that may arise out of an injury or the death of the third party involved in the happening. Our insurance also covers the property damage caused to third party in case of an accident that involves the vehicle which is under our insurance.


We provide you with different methods to claim your insured money and amount.


We work on the basis of providing our clients with maximum services at their doorstep. As soon as you opt for insuring your car with us, we provide you with the e-policy immediately.


We are always here for your help. Our insurance providing team helps and guides you at every step. We work on the principle of maintaining long term relationships.