Park & Sales


A brand new concept to benefit our clients and customers solely. The service is for those customers who wish to directly deal with the party and are not in a hurry to sell their car. All you need to do is to contact us and with the mutual benefit, we park your car at our place.

You do not have to wait for the buyer and neither have to take the calls and get disturbed. This service provides you to be tension free. We give you a wider base of deals because of our great customer base which in turn expose you to more opportunities and deals of your preference and choice.


Simple, you park your product with us. This can be done either physically or through a phone call where you can get your car listed and we will note it down. We list it on our extensively marketed website and other advertising spaces to get your product maximum reach and visibility. This service provides you with better offers and deals.

Park and Sales is a great and a fresh concept which truly benefits the customers. The Car Central is a great platform to exercise this opportunity.